Welcome to View From Across The Pond


Hello All!

Welcome to “View From Across The Pond” a new blog started by William Dawson (me)!  As you can tell by the above picture, you probably spend a lot of time like me watching British TV and Movies and consider yourself a true Anglophile.  This blog will hopefully become your one stop review center for all things relating to British TV and Film.  As an American Anglophile, my hope is to bring a unique perspective to famous British Films and TV shows.  There will also be forays into other countries such as Ireland and Australia, but for the main part we will focus on the United Kingdom.  Before my first post (which will be posted soon) I would like to go over a few things that the blog will discuss:

1. The focus will be primarily on TV comedies and British films (all genres) post-1970.  That doesn’t mean that there will be no films reviewed pre-1970, but it helps keep the focus easier.  Same with reviewing TV dramas, although some will definitely be reviewed.  Soap Operas, such as Coronation Street, will not be reviewed due to the fact that thousands of episodes exist and it is primarily a soap opera (not to disparage Coronation Street, that show is crazy)

2. I will not be posting about music/theater/books/radio dramas.  These are completely different mediums and to avoid being swamped I’m just going to focus on TV and Film, once again post circa 1970 work.

That is it! Hopefully you will find this blog useful and fun while I write it.  Next post coming this weekend: Blackadder Goes Forth.


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