Downton Abbey Drinking Game!!!

Hey Folks! Since Downton Abbey premieres in the States on January 5 I thought I would post the rules to the famous Downton Abbey Drinking that your author here has come up with.  Once again, I  copyright all instances of the Drinking Game and encourage responsible drinking.  Anyway, here are the rules!:

You Must take a drink….


  1. Whenever Anna says Mr. Bates
  2. Whenever Sybil mentions equality in any form regarding class or gender
  3. Whenever Maggie Smith says a witticism (you must down your drink if it is especially witty.)
  4. Whenever Carson says My Lady or My Lord
  5. Whenever Mary bitches about life
  6. Whenever Mrs. Patmore says “Daisy”
  7. When Daisy mentions how she doesn’t love William
  8. When O’Brien scolds someone
  9. Whenever Anyone mentions the future of Downton
  10. Whenever Edith feels unloved
  11. Whenever Edith is rejected by any lover
  12. When O’Brien gossips or uses misinformation or aids Thomas
  13. When Thomas does something evil
  14. When O’Brien does something evil
  15. When Thomas calls William “twit”, “git” or any other insult
  16. Whenever Mary turns down Matthew or doubts her suitors
  17. When Branson mentions Ireland or the political situation
  18. Whenever Carson decants wine (you must down your drink)
  19. Whenever Thomas and O’Brien hatch a plot
  20. Whenever Mrs. Hughes scolds someone
  21. Whenever someone mentions The Turk (aka Mr. Pamuk)
  22. Whenever Mary feels lust toward Matthew
  23. When Maggie Smith scoffs
  24. Whenever anyone mentions that Mary should marry Matthew
  25. Whenever Thomas feels lust toward a member of the same sex
  26. Whenever Cora bitches
  27. Whenever William makes puppy eyes at Daisy
  28. Whenever any of the servants say “What is the first rule of service?”
  29. Whenever Carson complains about Maids in the dining room or any other room
  30. Whenever Thomas takes a last drag on his cigarette and says something snarky
  31. Whenever anybody has trouble with technology
  32. Whenever Shirley MacLaine says a witticism (Just like Maggie Smith, you must down your drink if it is especially witty)
  33. Whenever Thomas kisses another member of the same sex (you must down your drink if it is especially lustful)
  34. Whenever Thomas touches Jimmy in an appropriate manner
  35. Whenever anyone talks about being uncomfortable with Catholicism or the Irish
  36. Whenever someone mentions how Ethel was a Whore/Prostitute/Woman of ill-repute
  37. Whenever Daisy criticizes Ivy
  38. Whenever Alfred or Jimmy feel lust toward Ivy
  39. Whenever Cousin Rose is feeling promiscuous
  40. Whenever a character has a health scare
  41. When a character dies you must raise your glass, say ( in unison if there is more than 1 person) “Rest In Peace *Character*” and down your drink.
  42. Whenever Branson remembers Sybil or feels uncomfortable around rich people
  43. Whenever Mary thinks of Matthew or rejects a suitor
  44. Whenever Cousin Isabel advocates progressive causes or argues with the Dowager Countess.
  45. Whenever Cousin Rose does something outside the realms of polite society
  46. Whenever mentions how Branson does not belong at Downton
  47. Whenever Robert resists change at Downton or mentions Labour
  48. Whenever Edith visits her illegitimate child or tries to hide her illegitimate child from her family
  49. Whenever anybody insults Mosley
  50. When Anna buys Mary’s birth control
  51. Whenever someone mentions another religion beside the Church of England

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