Bad Christmas Movies: Eight Crazy Nights

Since beginning this site, this reviewer came to quickly realize something: That he had not been giving many outright bad reviews.  Sure there was the occasional mediocre review to movies like “Straight Outta Compton” or “Titus”, but nothing that deserved down right hate…until now. “Eight Crazy Nights” is one of the worst Christmas/Hannukah/Holiday movies ever … More Bad Christmas Movies: Eight Crazy Nights

Spectre (2015)

  The newest James Bond movie, “Spectre” is a somewhat disappointing outing for Bond that does not advance the series in any meaningful way.  While Daniel Craig is probably the second best James Bond behind Sean Connery, he has always followed up a good Bond movie with a mediocre one.  For example, the amazing “Casino … More Spectre (2015)