Bad Christmas Movies: Eight Crazy Nights

Since beginning this site, this reviewer came to quickly realize something: That he had not been giving many outright bad reviews.  Sure there was the occasional mediocre review to movies like “Straight Outta Compton” or “Titus”, but nothing that deserved down right hate…until now.

“Eight Crazy Nights” is one of the worst Christmas/Hannukah/Holiday movies ever made.  This movie absolutley has no redeeming or entertainment factors what so ever, and is exhibit A in the downfall of Adam Sandler from a serviceable comedic actor to being a downright hack.

The movie deals with a guy named Davey Stone, an total jerk who ends up getting in trouble and has to live the deformed, seizure-prone Whitey (both of these characters are voiced by Sandler).  While living with Whitey and his sister Eleanore, Davey eventually learns the true meaning of Hannukah or the Holidays and Whitey ends up getting the award that he has always wanted.  Literally that’s the plot.

This movie’s humor is so misguided and so wrong that you have to wonder who was writing it.  The jokes come from seizures, stereotypical Jewish traits, Gays, fat kids, and a infamous scene where Whitey is basically covered in frozen feces and is licked by deer.  The only reason why this movie is probably animated is because of this scene; otherwise there is no reason for it to be animated.  And while the animation is somewhat decent, it is a total waste of creativity.

The only way to enjoy is if you are imbued with holiday spirits, otherwise, just avoid it as much as possible.

0 out of 4 stars.


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