Review: Trainwreck (2015)

For this review, I originally just wanted to write “This movie is a Trainwreck” and have it be done.  But since the beautiful people of the internet demand more in depth criticism, I suppose I can indulge.  The truth is though, “Trainwreck” is basically pretty much, if not close to an actual Trainwreck of film making.

Now, before everyone on the internet grabs pitch forks and says I’m a sexist pig, I want to make clear that I think both men and women can be funny and not funny.  I’ve never bought into the idea that “Women aren’t funny” and I think that misogyny about female comediennes is stupid.  If Amy Schumer was a man, I’d still write a bad review about the movie.  Got it? Good.

With that out of the way, this movie really is terrible.  The story concerns with a person named Amy (seriously, the writing for this movie is that lazy), who does not believe in monogamy and likes to coast through life with a series of one-night stands while continuing to date her main boyfriend (WWE Superstar John Cena).  Amy works at a magazine similar to Maxim or FHM, where she has to do a write up on surgeon Aaron (Bill Hader), suffice it to say there is a dance about whether or not the two of them will end up together and whether Amy can break her old habits.

I’ve always found Amy Schumer to be kind of “meh”.  While I think she has good sketches on her TV show, “Inside Amy Schumer”, I’ve always thought that she tends to take jokes too far and they become overlong.  There is nothing worse in comedy than laughing at an initially funny sketch only for you to stop laughing after the sketch has gone on longer than it should.  This feeling applies itself to the film: the entire consists of jokes that either go on too long or just immediately fall flat or characters that are not fully fleshed out.

For a person who is supposed to be our protagonist, the character of Amy is not really that likable.  While a character does not have to have likable traits (think of Bill Murray in “Rushmore” or any main character in a Wes Anderson movie for that matter), there has to be something that the audience can latch onto.  The problem is that there is no personality trait in the character of Amy that comes across as likable and the audience therefore ends up feeling alienated toward that character.  The fact that the comedy is misplaced is also not good.  The whole crux of the movie seems to be “Hey! Look at Amy sleep with people and make a Trainwreck of her life! Isn’t that funny? Oh hey, LeBron James!” and to me this comes off as rather lazy attempt to make comedy.  Other actors are also wasted in their roles due to this lazy writing, with poor Bill Hader and Colin Quinn getting the worst of it as Amy’s love interest and Dad respectfully.

For those who really like Schumer, perhaps you will find something to like in “Trainwreck”; for others, you are not missing anything.

Final Rating: 1 out of 4 stars.


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