This should have been a shorter movie: Kenau (2016)

Image result for keanu poster

One of the best sketch comedy shows since Mr. Show went off the air, Key and Peele was hilarious and smart.  Sketches such as Juice Box InterrogationThe PC Pirate Song, and The Family Matters sketch, would often make me cry laughing.  One of the reasons for this success was that the sketches were fast, concise, and funny.  The main problem is that this is a sketch that is way too long.

The movie is about the titular kitten named Keanu.  Keanu is adopted by Jordan Peele after a bad breakup.  After he is accidentally kidnapped by gangsters, Peele and his nerdy cousin, played by Key, have to find a way to go undercover and get Keanu back.

The best parts of the movie can be summed up in small bursts: When Peele and another drug dealer have to deal with a coked-out Anna Faris, when Key hallucinates George Michael, and when Luis Guzman comes into the proceedings as a drug king-pin.  The problem is those moments are few and far between.  Oftentimes it just feels like the movie is running around in circles.  While the concept of Keanu is funny, I do not think that this should have been the main focus of the story.  The movie would have worked much better if it was in the fold of Monty Python’s And Now For Something Completely Different or Kentucky Fried Movie, basically a movie sketch show.  Instead, its just one sketch that is played out too long to some middling laughs.  It’s a shame too, because Key and Peele are definitely funny, and I look forward to seeing them in other projects.

Fun Fact: That kitten is pretty damn cute.

Final Review: 2 out of 4 stars.


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