The Hero we need: Wonder Woman (2017)

To tell the truth, I’m not that wild about superhero movies.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some superhero movies (Batman especially), but I tend to feel overwhelmed watching all of these shared universe superhero movies.  For example, I couldn’t get behind The Avengers because it required the audience to know all of these heroes backstories, and to me, I want the film to function as its own stand-alone film, not as some shared universe bullshit where you have to know who Iron Man’s best friend’s sister’s cousin’s roommate is.  After the realization that DC was going this same direction with the infamous Batman V. Superman: Who gives a shit, I was extremely worried for the Wonder Woman adaption, even though she was the best part of that pathetic excuse for a movie.  Thank God I was wrong, because Wonder Woman is quite possibly the best superhero film since the Dark Knight Rises.

Featuring the amazing Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman wears its heart on its sleeve.  The story follows the tale of Diana, an Amazonian who has been trained to be a warrior.  After encountering Steve Trevor (an affable Chris Pine) Diana is enlisted to help end The Great War; and finally dispose of Ares, the God of War, who is set to battle the Amazonian for Humanity.  Along the way, Diana learns how to fit in the world of Men and realizing that humanity needs a hero to fight for.

I have to applaud director Patty Jenkins: she directs the story with a lot of humor and heart.  One of the problems with the previous Batman v Superman was how gloomy it was, but thankfully Wonder Woman is the exact opposite.  It has a lot of great moments of humor, especially the fish-out-of-water scenes where she is trying to adjust to human norms in WWI England.  The fact that the love story between Trevor and Diana is not forced upon the audience but is instead allowed to develop organically is great too.  I think in the hands of a male director, they would have amped up the sex scenes, but instead its more of an old fashioned kind of Hollywood Romance, where the movie does not stop due to some awkward sex scene.  The action sequences are also incredible.  Especially the scenes where Diana storms the trenches and fights in the town.

The performances are what makes this movie really special.  Gal Gadot is spectacular as Wonder Woman, she can be both a kick-ass fighter while also doing very good physical comedy.  Chris Pine is also great as Trevor, he’s really charming and has good chemistry with Gadot.  Finally another hallmark performance is David Thewlis as a charming politician who plays an important role later on in the film.

It is true that movie is too long, but it is a movie that has a lot of heart and believes in good being good, and evil being evil.  And in these uncertain times, this is what we as an audience need.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 4 stars.


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