DARKNESS!!!! The Lego Batman Movie (2017)


One of the best super hero films since The Dark Knight RisesThe Lego Batman Movie redeems Batman after the atrocious Batman v Superman.  The film follows Batman as he appeared in The Lego Movie, a dark, brooding, low-voiced super hero that does not like to play by the rules.  Voiced impecabbly by Will Arnett, Batman attempts to solve Gotham City’s crimes one at a time without anyone’s help!  Even if it means alienating his loyal butler Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) or his ward Dick Grayson (Michael Cera).

One of the great things about Lego Batman is how it does not take anything seriously.  It pokes fun at every single iteration of Batman with a ton of love for the source material.  By making the story more about Batman’s psyche and how he is reluctant to work with people, the movie shows that it has a lot of heart.  Take for example the relationship between Batman and Robin.  In this movie, Batman wants to be a loner and does not want to work with others, even though it risks alienating the people he loves.  The fact that the movie also goes into these relationships gives the movie a lot of heart and makes it a worthy addition to the Batman canon.  Highlights of the film also include Batman breaking out into song and all the villain cameos which include some 1960s stalwarts like King Tut, Mad Hatter, Egghead (portrayed famously by Vincent Price on the TV show) and Condiment King! (He’s a real villain!  Look him up!)  Also features Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face the role he should have played in Batman Returns but was given a pay-for-play because Tim Burton decided he didn’t want him.  Williams, who had been cast as Harvey Dent in the 1989 Batman. knew that Dent would become Two-Face and was able to negotiate a good deal to not portray him.  Its too bad, because I would have loved to have seen Billy Dee as a live action cool as hell Two-Face!

Final Rating: 9 out of 10.



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