This should have been a shorter movie: Kenau (2016)

One of the best sketch comedy shows since Mr. Show went off the air, Key and Peele was hilarious and smart.  Sketches such as Juice Box Interrogation, The PC Pirate Song, and The Family Matters sketch, would often make me cry laughing.  One of the reasons for this success was that the sketches were fast, concise, and funny.  The main problem … More This should have been a shorter movie: Kenau (2016)

Filth (2013)

Based upon the 1998 novel by Irvine Welsh (the Scot behind “Trainspotting”) “Filth” is a movie that the audience will either love or hate, there is no middle ground.  When I told my friend Manda Barker that I was reviewing this film she pointed out that she “HATED HATED HATED IT” and thought it was … More Filth (2013)

Shakespeare November: Love’s Labour’s Lost

A Shakespeare Musical.  I kid you not.  When my friend Manda Barker recommend this movie for me to review, I rolled my eyes and wondered “What I have done to deserve this?”  Remembering when this movie came out, “Love’s Labour’s Lost” was trashed by the critics and proved to be the end of the Shakespeare … More Shakespeare November: Love’s Labour’s Lost