Chilean Trippyness: The Holy Mountain (1973)

Spoilers: I cannot possibly begin to describe what this movie is all about.  Essentially it is a movie about a man who looks like a primitive Jesus, who meets up with the Alchemist (played by the film’s director, writer, editor, Alejandro Jodorowsky) and somehow Jesus’ shit gets turned into Gold.  Then, each of the planets … More Chilean Trippyness: The Holy Mountain (1973)

Intense: Detroit (2017)

Here be spoilers: This has to be one of the hardest reviews I have ever had to write.  Seeing Detroit I knew that we were going to be witnessing an intense movie.  I had already seen Katherine Bigelow’s two other major films, The Hurt Locker, and Zero Dark Thirty (not to mention my appreciation for Point Break) so I sort of knew … More Intense: Detroit (2017)

Review: Truth (2015)

There is an old saying which has often been repeated: “There is my truth, there is your truth, there is the actual truth, and everyone else’s.”  Its this idea of the concept of “truth” that is dealt with in the movie Truth, which deals with the 2004 CBS report on Former President George W. Bush’s national … More Review: Truth (2015)

Movie Review: Chi-Raq

Spike Lee is not a subtle filmmaker.  All throughout his career, Lee has displayed an incredible passion towards the subject of race relations.  When it is done right, the results are classics like “Do the Right Thing” or “Malcolm X”.  The problem with Lee though is that unlike his earlier work, he lately feels that … More Movie Review: Chi-Raq

Criterion Collection Review #1 and Bowie Tribute: Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

  When David Bowie died a few weeks ago, the world lost one of the greatest musical geniuses.  While Bowie’s obits focused on his music, and rightfully so, Bowie was actually a very underrated actor.  While his filmography is a bit sparse and contains only a handful of notable roles, one of his most underrated … More Criterion Collection Review #1 and Bowie Tribute: Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence