1970s Buddy Movie: The Nice Guys (2016)

Written and directed by Shane Black (Lethal Weapon and Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang), The Nice Guys is a throwback to the type of movie where it was just two guys trying to solve a killing with some one-liners and boobs thrown in for good measure.  Set during 1977, the movie concerns ourselves with enforcer Healey (Russell Crowe), who … More 1970s Buddy Movie: The Nice Guys (2016)

Review: Truth (2015)

There is an old saying which has often been repeated: “There is my truth, there is your truth, there is the actual truth, and everyone else’s.”  Its this idea of the concept of “truth” that is dealt with in the movie Truth, which deals with the 2004 CBS report on Former President George W. Bush’s national … More Review: Truth (2015)